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There are numerous kinds of South Korean identification we produce: Common identification: Issued to ordinary Korean residents Notr we can likewise give this visa to non-Korean Citizens. Standard visas are given for one, five, or ten years of legitimacy. Official identification: Issued to individuals from the National Assembly and government workers.

Strategic visa: Issued to representatives and Nationals who serve under discretionary terms are given this exceptional identification. These travel papers ensure uncommon treatment in different nations.

How might I know a genuine South Korea Passport?

Physical appearance South Korean travel papers are dull green, with the National Emblem of the Republic of Korea embellished in gold in the focal point of the intro page. The word ‘대한민국’ (Korean) and ‘REPUBLIC OF KOREA’ (English) are engraved over the Emblem while ‘여권’ (Korean), ‘Identification’ (English) and the global e-visa image (EPassport logo.svg) are recorded beneath the Emblem. Distinction with DPRK visa In North Korea the word is spelled 려권 (lyeogwon), while in South Korea a similar word is composed 여권 (yeogwon). Note that An identification from South Korea lets you travel to 187 nations and regions, without an earlier visa, It is positioned the 2th on the planet.

Starting at 2018, the identifications of South Korea, Brunei and Chile are the main ones to give visa-free access to all G8 nations. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea visa is the identification which might be given to residents of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, ordinarily known as North Korea, for global travel. Since most of North Koreans don’t get chances to leave their nation, DPRK international IDs are once in a while given.

Character pages

A DPRK Passport incorporates two character pages. The first distinguishes the holder, and incorporates the following data and the subsequent page is for authentic supports.

Note of visa

The visa contains the accompanying note:


이 려권소지자는 조선민주주의인민공화국의 보호를 받습니다. 이 려권소지자를 지장없이 통과시켜 주며 그에게 필요한 편의와 보호를 베풀어 줄것을 모든 관계자들에게 요청 하는 바입니다.


The holder of this visa is under the security of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Each one of those whom it might concern are thus mentioned to permit the holder to pass unreservedly without let or deterrent, and to bear the cost of the holder with help and security as might be fundamental.

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